MISSION-I provide a peaceful alternative to owners looking for a more relaxing environment than a traditional dog boarding facility.

I create tranquility by keeping dogs happy through a consistent routine that promotes calmness. I take dogs out for a hike with my own dog on private land and sometimes accompanying my sister’s pack at Vermont Dog Pack Camp. I enjoy tiring the boarding dogs out so they can peacefully sleep the rest of the day on the many dog beds, couches or even dog kennel. I only take on 5 medium to low energy dogs a day. Dog must be off leash with good recall in the woods.

LOCATION-I live in the old north end of Burlington with my husband and 2 year old lab/boxer/pittie mix Jace.

EXPERIENCE-I have been professionally dog sitting for over 7 years. I have worked with many different types of dogs and have learned a lot from my sister (a local dog trainer) on how to teach dogs to relax in an unknown environment. I have worked with many off leash dogs and am comfortable running them off leash. I have administered thyroid medicine, diabetes insulin, inhalers and catered to dogs on herbs and raw diets. I am proficient in administering medications. I am trained to use e-collars. I am insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.



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